Corporate clients


Treatment goals

Our purpose is to motivate the employees, with well-directed applications, to treat their health more consciously. Thereby we work with every employer individually.

  • health prophylaxis
  • sensitize the body's perception
  • recognition of health damaging behaviors
  • increase concentration
  • increase of vitality
  • improvement of the positive identification with their work
  • demand of own responsibility
  • lower the level of sickness


  • come up with a common cause for a treatment concept
  • individual treatment
  • stretching and mobilization of highly demanded muscles
  • strengthening of the muscles
  • body reception
  • stress managing
  • food mamagement
  • participating in health days

  • Hint:
    Motivate your employees with a special treat and get them vouchers for a massage treatment. Show them how important health awareness is for your company.

Your advantage as an employer

Your advantage as an employer with the healthful knowledge and treatments we can provide. Employers that treat their workers to the mobile Massage Service Stuttgart not only are rewarded by better performance.
They can also write down the costs for the "motivational break" from their taxes.
The amount of 40 euro per month, per person, is by law not taxable.


Piece of advice for the organization

You can book us 5 days out of the week.

The organization is easy and flexible.
We are bring our own equipment (seat, pillows, massage tables, oils) with us.
The ability to use a closed off room (meetingroom, social room, etc.) would be appreciated to keep privacy.
An initial appointment plan should be made to guaranty a trouble free experience; this could be the basis of the monthly billing cycle. Depending on the arrangement, there are 1 to 3 treatments an hour possible.



Office massages from 9 persons in the Stuttgart area,
20 minutes each at 25,20 € net.

Office massages from 6 persons in the Stuttgart area,
30 minutes each at 37,80 € net.


Call me or e mail.
Cell: +49 177 - 3 52 70 76
Phone: +49 711 – 57 01 04 38


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